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Saving Lives Begins with An Accelerated Diagnosis

Telemammography is among the leading technologies helping to achieve the earliest detection possible for breast cancer. Teleradiology is especially crucial for providers in remote and rural locations where distance compounds system delays.

The biggest enemy of early detection by far is institutional inefficiency. Cancer does not wait for report results. At TeleMammography USA, we streamline your system, expedite workflow, and reduce turnaround time for 2D/3D mammograms and breast ultrasounds. Providing results to patients sooner means treatment plans are executed faster and ultimately save more lives.

We provide comprehensive support for all facets of your business, from systems/technical considerations, compliance, and scalability to amplifying profitability and boosting your bottom line. We can help set up a Diagnostic Breast Imaging Program or Breast Ultrasound Screening Program, which will provide continuity of care for your patients. Our consultations can improve efficiency across the board to provide better patient care and ultimately save lives.

World-Class Technology Means Rapid Results

We combine the systems expertise of the most elite IT professionals with the clinical acumen of vetted authorities in breast health to optimize your facility, train you in best practices, and unclog congested workflow that threatens patients’ quality of life. With an overgrowth of digital imaging to contend with, many practices are stagnating due to the unwieldiness of large files.

The FDA requires the use of certain software that can be cost-prohibitive to purchase on your own. TeleMammography USA provides a viable solution, partnering with Microsoft, so you don't have to. We use a state-of-the-art PACS to successfully handle large volumes of 3D mammograms and breast ultrasounds and also provide access to a mammography tracking system that creates BI-RADS letters in both English and Spanish.

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Dr. Kevin Kearney, M.D./M.B.A. Owner and Founder of TeleMammography USA

A Force for Change in The Field of Telemammography. Dr. Kearney created TeleMammography USA as a response to the languishing inefficiencies he encountered during his tenure as a director of several prominent breast care centers. He frequently heard from imaging facilities about frustrations due to delayed reports, inspection concerns, and an inability to contact radiologists.

Ultimately, he saw patients bearing the brunt of these inefficiencies and wanted to create a solution for streamlining and expediting care. Today, TeleMammography USA is changing the way that small to medium-sized practices, oncologists, and breast surgeons function, helping to revitalize their systems for faster diagnoses to enhance patients’ quality of life.

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